A New Generation Of Care

 Forest Hills Dental Mural

It's bittersweet for everyone at Forest Hills Dental to see Dr. Brown retire. He prided himself of doing top-quality dentistry, and did not want to sell his practice to just anyone. That's why Dr. Morganti feels so honored by getting the opportunity to continue Dr. Brown's legacy of quality. 

Dr. Brown is still involved with the practice. Not in an official sense, but he has rescued us a couple of times with equipment repairs and random issues around the office. All because he cares about his patients and wants Dr. Morganti to succeed in helping them. 

Dr. Morganti is concerned with your oral health above all else. So if you only see incremental changes involving the practice, you'll know it's because Dr. Morganti is focused on being the best dentist she can be, not on re-decorating ideas! 

We do, however, want to show off our new mural, painted by Ryan Guarisco. Ryan is Dr. Morganti's brother-in-law, and is just one of the many people who have stepped in to help Dr. Morganti through this transition. Thank you, Ryan!